Science Week & Maths Week

Science Week Ireland 2016

What is Science Week?

Science Week Ireland is an annual event which first took place in 1996 and has grown to a programme of over 800 events scheduled across the country.

Science Week is an annual national celebration of the life-changing and fascinating worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The week-long festival highlights how science, technology and engineering are fundamental to everyday life,

and demonstrate their importance to the future of our society and economy. The annual festival of events, activities, demonstrations, talks and interactive shows is thanks to the collaborative work
of volunteers, teachers, researchers, companies and fans of the wonderful world of science. Communities all around Ireland

– including schools, colleges, universities, research institutes, businesses and libraries, contribute to running 800 events annually.

It aims to make science more interesting and accessible to children and adults alike. It highlights how science, technology and engineering are hugely relevant to us all in our everyday lives, lead to interesting and exciting career options and develop creativity in our children.

What are the dates?

This year the dates are Sunday 13th – Sunday 20th November 2016, but don’t forget that some events are happening around the country on either side of the week.

Theme: Science Rising

Together we shape the future. Science is part of our past, a past that is o en overlooked, an immense part of our present and it is key
to our success. There is endless potential still to be realised. The growing impact of Irish scientific achievement will make a di erence in people’s lives, support industry investment, future proof our skill base and involve everyone in the potential of science and innovation.

We will continue to question, imagine, collaborate, discover, answer and create. We will make a di erence to Irish society and our economy. More importantly we will make a di erence to humankind.

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Maths Week Ireland 2016 will take place October 15th to 23rd

Maths Week Ireland is an all-Ireland celebration of Maths and is a partnership of over 50 groups – universities, institutes of technology, colleges, schools, museums, libraries, visitor centres, professional bodies – any group that sees the importance of maths and the importance of promoting maths.

Maths Week Ireland promotes, awareness, appreciation and understanding of maths through a huge variety of events and activities.

We are busy planning for Maths Week 2016. Check back regularly to see any updates on events that may be happening in your area and how you can become involved. If you are planning on hosting and/or running an event for Maths Week 2016 please email and we can list the event for your area. Maths Week Ireland 2015 had well over a quarter of a million people engaged. (We have accounted for more than 270,000) This included at least 229,000 pupils doing enriching maths activities in school and on-line, Over twenty thousand joining in various large scale events such as Maths in the City Dublin & Belfast, Mallow Maths and Science Fair, Celebration of Mind Botanic Gardens and attending over 150 events at partner centres all across the island and tens of thousands doing Maths Week puzzles in various media. Through media coverage Maths Week reached into every home on the island. Thanks to all teachers, schools, partners, presenters and sponsors and to all who participated to make it the biggest Maths festival in the world!

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