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The Repeat Leaving Certificate Programme is now in its 23rd year in O’Connell Secondary School. The programme is open to both male and female students. It  offers them an affordable opportunity to repeat the Leaving Certificate in one year. Many students have successfully availed of this opportunity to improve their points tally in this unique programme.

We deliver high standards of teaching and motivation. In return we expect high levels of punctuality, dedication and focus. We truly believe that once inspired and motivated effectively, all students have the ability to achieve their own personal goals. The Repeat Year is a stand-alone programme run in a separate section of the school. It operates on a different timetable to the rest of the school. A full and wide range of subjects and levels are available from very experienced teachers who have helped pupils to dramatically improve their grades and CAO points. Detailed notes in all the subject areas are provided by the teachers. Throughout the year, we provide

  • Constant supervision.
  • Caring support structures with a dedicated Year Head.
  • A safe and secure environment for teaching and learning to take place.

Most of those students who have taken part in the programme have gone on to further their studies at third level institutions in Dublin and elsewhere.

Compulsory supervised day and evening study takes place in a controlled and silent environment. Seminars on study and exam skills take place at the beginning of the school year. Students are encouraged to avail of the services of the school’s Career Guidance Department. Comprehensive career guidance is indeed a core part of the programme. The individual career needs of each student are carefully explored and discussed on a number of occasions during the year.

Regular Progress Reports are compiled and sent out to parents throughout the year. The Year Head is available to deal with any concerns that parents might have as the year progresses. Mock Exams will take place in February mid term.

Facilities at the school have been upgraded in recent years. Students can now avail of

  • Our spacious and bright classrooms, all equipped with digital projectors.
  • Our three science laboratories completely renovated and equipped to the highest standards in the country.
  • Canteen facilities serving hot and cold food, available before lessons begin in the morning and at lunchtime.

O’Connell Secondary School is located in the heart of Dublin City near Croke Park. It is in close proximity to Connolly, Clontarf and Drumcondra Train, Luas and DART Stations. In addition, the school is well served by many bus routes.

Our student-focused approach ensures that the environment of the programme is entirely one of mutual respect and encouragement. At all times we endeavour to maintain constant contact with parents/guardians and discuss any concerns that may arise. Parents are welcome to meet with the Principal, Year-Head and teachers at the dedicated parent-teacher meeting before Christmas or indeed at any time throughout the year. Should any of your readers have any queries relating to the Repeat Year programme we would be happy to hear from you.





When I first sat my Leaving Cert in 2017, I thought I was prepared. Looking back now I am more prepared physically and mentally. Deciding to repeat has made me more motivated and mature. I feel like an achiever. I took Chemistry for the first time with Mr Bonfield.  In my opinion he made the learning more understandable and enjoyable.

Repeating has been such a beneficial experience for me and I would definitely recommend OCS to anyone looking to repeat.

Sophie  (2019)


My name is Cian Gargan. I repeated in O’Connell’s in 2018. I didn’t work as hard as I should

have during my first Leaving Cert. I got offered a computer science course that I knew wasn’t

for me. I decided that repeating would be my best option. I found maths difficult and I didn’t

want to risk being in the 33% computer science dropout rate.

After repeating in O’Connell’s I went up 119 points and I got my first choice which was

Biological and Biomedical Science in Trinity. I am now half way through my first year and

loving my course. I would recommend repeating to anyone who wasn’t satisfied with their

course offer. Repeating can be a tough year but if you put the work in, your results can be

dramatically better.

O’Connell’s has great facilities and very helpful teachers. Between the study periods and

evening study I always had my homework finished by the end of the day and lots of study

done. All the teachers are very committed and put in a lot of extra work for their students.

The days can be very long but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Cian (2018)



When I came from Shannon to Dublin in September my task was very daunting. I had to double my leaving Cert points in a year! More daunting to me however was going to a new school breaking the harmonious comfort of my old school where I knew everyone and most knew me. I was shy around my new classmates at first (about a week if I’m being honest) I fit right in.

Jordan Egan

I attended O Connells back in 2015/2016. I found O Connell’s online after searching repeat leaving cert courses as I didn’t get the points I wanted to get into college to study Home Economics  and biology teaching in St Angela’s Sligo. I went in and registered and a few weeks later I was starting. It was a very daunting experience as I had to get the train to school everyday (my old school was 5 minutess walk from my house) to somewhere where I didn’t know anyone but within the first few days I had made good friends. The teachers were all amazing! The work load is very high for repeating the leaving cert. All of the teachers had material such as handouts, power points and notes that had the exact information that we needed. The teachers were very fair and supportive. You could always go to them for any help or to talk about the stress or pressure of the leaving cert, you could always knock on their classroom door or staff room and they would help in anyway they could.

After school study was also very useful. It was time where you could sit down and properly concentrate and study, I found it very useful to get homework done so that when I got home I could just do revision. I found it so helpful that Mr Duffy the principal then allowed me to go into the school and study on a Saturday morning so I could sit down and focus on my work with no distractions.
Then the exams came around and again the teachers were there before and after the exams to calm us down and see how we got on.
When the Leaving Cert results came out there was great excitement as everyone had improved on their previous Leaving Cert.
Unfortunately I didn’t get the points again, only 10 points away from the course I wanted but I did not regret my time in O’Connell School as I made new friends, it matured me, made me be able to cope with stress and high work loads and I improved in every subject which is very satisfying. There is no doubt that my time in O’Connell School has helped me in my current job as a passenger services supervisor, Qatar Airways Administration for Ireland and Air France/KLM ambassador as this role is very stressful and has a high work load which I have learnt to manage from my time in OCS with regards to Time management which is crucial in repeating the leaving cert.
For anyone thinking about going to repeat in OCS all I can say is go for it! You will not regret it!

Jamie 2016

Anne Marie Nestor

Year Head

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