Saturday Language Classes for Pupils

Saturday Language Classes for Secondary Students

O’Connell Secondary School hosts foreign langauge classes for school students on Saturdays during the school year. The Post-Primary Languages Initiative was set up in September 2000 to diversify, enhance and expand the teaching of languages in second-level schools in Ireland.

  • To diversify so that a wider choice of languages would be available to students;
  • To enhance by strengthening the position of these languages and offering support to teachers in the form of materials and in-service and;
  • To expand them so that they would be more available to more students in more schools.

The initial languages targeted by the initiative were Spanish, Italian and Japanese, and Russian, French, German, Polish and Romanian were added a few years later. The role now is widening to encourage, promote and support the learning of all languages at post-primary level, and to develop policy and structures for the introduction of other new languages based on research of best practice and on the experience of the initiative in relation to the existing languages.

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