Behaviour For Learning in OCS

NBSS and ‘Back on Track’ in O’Connell Secondary School

O’Connell Secondary School is delighted to be associated with the National Behaviour Support Service (NBSS), an external agency funded by the Department of Education and Skills. Established in 2007, the ‘Back on Track’ initiative was initially developed in our school by Ms Emer Kelly and Mr Brian O’Donnell. Their dedication and commitment to the service, especially during its infancy stage, has meant that the promotion of positive behaviour and learning among our students is a core feature of our school today.

At present, Mr Gary Levins, our Behaviour for Learning teacher (BFL), continues the good work of promoting positive behaviour at whole-school, group and individual level in the school. This involves implementing positive behaviour strategies, evaluating current teaching and learning and consulting with staff and students on how to enhance the teaching and learning that takes place in the school. The BFL teacher aims to put in place both preventative and restorative interventions to support students in their learning endeavours.

The BFL teacher offers a variety of courses and interventions to students such as;

  • Belonging Plus: This course aims to help first years to settle into secondary school, explaining the differences between primary and secondary school and offers advice and information on how to make the transition a smooth one.
  • Why Try?: This is a programme aimed at motivating teenage students and helping to build their self-esteem, resilience and healthy relationships.
  • Alert Programme: This 8 week course aims to teach students how to take ownership of their own behaviour. It enables students to learn to regulate their own feelings and behaviour.
  • Catch-up Literacy: This is an intensive literacy intervention. It aims to improve students reading ability and is offered to any student who may need additional help in this area.
  • Talkabout: A social skills programme.

For some students who might need additional support the BFL teacher works with identified students, individually or in groups on various Behaviour for Learning programmes. These programmes are designed to meet the social, emotional, positive health / wellbeing and behavioural and academic needs of our students so they can achieve and succeed in school.

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