London 2014

London Trip – January 2014

The London Science trip took place on the 21st of January 2014. The day started early, very early!!! We had to be in school that Friday morning at 4:30am sharp. When we got to school we took a bus to Dublin Airport to catch our flight. We arrived in London at 7:30 am. A tour bus collected us at the airport and brought us to see many of the beautiful sites in London City including the Eye of London, Big Ben, the O2 Arena, the Saint Mary’s Axe Skyscraper, Westminster Bridge and of course the famous Buckingham Palace. We had our own guide called Alice who kept us well informed and entertained during the 2 hour bus journey.

At Buckingham Palace we got off the bus and took some time to go and take pictures. We saw the Palace close up and wondered around the periphery of the gates. We saw the guards and took loads of photos. We also made a funny video outside the Palace as we raced back to the bus. Then we headed off on the rest of the tour around London and saw the famous London taxis and some amazing landmarks such as Piccadilly Circus, the West End, Trafalgar Square and many more. After the bus tour we were starving so we decided to stop for lunch. We had lunch in McDonald’s as the majority in our tour ruled to eat there!! After filling up on burgers and ice-cream we got back on the bus and headed to visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.


OCS Boys arriving for Afternoon Tea with Her Majesty

At the Wax Museum we saw wax sculptures of some of the most famous people in history such as Muhamad Ali, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, Adolf Hitler and also some famous celebrities such as Emma Watson, Daniel Craig, Leonardo Di Caprio, Cheryl Cole (below) and Beyonce. Also, the Museum had a haunted house which we went through which was really cool and my science teacher was really terrified when we went through. It was scary and people with heart conditions were advised NOT TO ENTER!!!


Hi Cheryl. I thought you were great on X-Factor!

The Wax Museum was excellent but the day was still early and we were itching to get to the science museum. Back on the bus and Gary our bus driver told us that the traffic in London was starting to get heavy but he knew a short cut that would have us there in 20 minutes!! He was right!! Once we got there we got to see some really awesome things like a 3D printer and cars from 50 years ago. We also saw how technology has advanced in the past few decades. We saw the first ever particle accelerator and a huge exhibition on space and astronauts!!! It was so detailed that it even explained how the first astronauts used the toilet in space (by the way, they didn’t …..They wore these nappy-like suits!!!!).


Ruben Campean hanging out with some new friends!

The Science Museum was massive. We all got lost wondering around the five floors and playing on all the interactive machines. They were cool and used discovery learning to show us all the different parts to the exhibitions. There was also a DNA workshop and electricity demonstrations. After wondering around the museum for 2 hours we agreed to meet at the coffee shop. We had a coffee and cake to keep us going and then we hit the gift shop. Ms Timmons and Ms Nester were in their element!! They bought loads of fun equipment for the labs back in school!! We bought some funny BIG BANG bags and mugs for our teachers back in school.

By the time we were finished exploring the Museum, everyone was starting to get tired so we got back on the bus. It was dark out and pretty cool to see all the London lights! Once outside the city, Gary turned on a movie and we headed back to the airport. The bus only took an hour. We got to the airport, through security easily and headed for the gate!! There were no delays and everything was running smoothly!! We bought loads of sweets for the plane and finally we were ready to go home after a great and interesting day in London. When we landed in Dublin, Mr Morris collected us in the school bus. We were brought back to the school where our parents were waiting for us. We were all shattered and I couldn’t wait to get some sleep after such a fun day. It was a long day but the time flew by! The teachers were excellent and all the lads were good craic. Everyone watched out for each other. I’d recommend London Science Museum to everybody. It’s so interesting even if you’re not crazy about science. Overall I’d give the trip 10 out of 10!!

Written by: Ruben Campean (Class 3O 2013-14)