School Vision, Mission Statement & Aims


School Vision:

O’Connell Secondary School is primarily concerned with promoting the full personal and social development of children, young adults and staff in a caring Christian community of learning and teaching.

School Mission Statement:

In accordance with the pioneering spirit of our founder, Blessed Edmund Rice, we in O’Connell Secondary School seek to respond effectively to the intellectual, spiritual, moral and social needs of all the pupils who come under our care.

School Aims:

In finding our principal inspiration in the life and in the teaching of Jesus Christ, our school aims:

  • To develop a view of reality which is firmly based on the values of the gospel.
  • To place a high priority on the development of the Catholic religious faith and the practice of pastoral care among our pupils.
  • To provide an educational facility where teachers teach and pupils learn in a safe, caring, ordered and happy environment.
  • To become, through education, an empowering experience in the lives of our pupils.
  • To foster a sense of self-worth, honesty and respect among our pupils and all the other members of the school community.
  • To create and maintain a close rapport with the many partners who share our commitment to education.
  • To share with such partners our core beliefs and values regarding the purpose of education so that our ongoing collaboration may be enduring, authentic and inspirational.
  • To always remember that there are others in the world who are less fortunate. Nkosi Johnson from South Africa posthumously received The World’s Children’s Prize and The Global Friends’ Award in 2002 for his fight for the rights of children with AIDS. He fought for their rights to attend school and be treated like other children. He opened a home for poor mothers and children with AIDS. Nkosi urged the South African government to give mothers with HIV/AIDS anti-HIV drugs that would save the lives of tens of thousands of children in South Africa every year. Even after his death Nkosi continues to be a role model for children with AIDS. Nkosi’s words can be an inspirational motto for humankind:

“Do All You Can With What You Have, In The Time You Have, In The Place You Are.”

– Nkosi Johnson