School Library


Our library is officially named after a former pupil who is a renowned Irish poet, translator, editor and publisher namely Thomas Kinsella. The library is a calm space for the students to relax and read. Here they have access to a variety of resources including books, comics, magazines and information technology and it is considered one of the best resources in our school.

Celebrating OCS International Week 2014-15
Student Book Reviews 2014-15
Sporting Books!
Students With Their Controversial Banned Books!
Read At Your Own Risk!
Interesting Read!
Display of Past Pupil Brendan Finucane, Top Fighter Pilot in WW2
World Book Day Collection 2014-15
We Got Booked!
"Sir, can I borrow your glasses?"
Avid Readers!


Our general aim in the library at Junior and Senior Cycle is to nurture the imaginative and emotional growth of each student through reading and learning. Feedback from the students has been very positive this year with the consensus being that a weekly library class has had a progressive impact on student achievement.


We provide a range of learning opportunities for both large and small groups as well as individuals. The school library also serves as a place for students to do independent work, use computers, equipment and research materials. In addition we use the library to host special events such as first aid courses, chess club and community projects such as the recent ‘One book One Community’ project involving 5 local schools. Initiatives like paired reading, class projects as well as a wider teacher involvement has helped with our whole-school approach to literacy in the school.


The Library in O’Connell Secondary School had a welcome face-lift last year with new portable shelving units acquired by Mr Farrelly, our outgoing Librarian. In addition we have re-stocked our shelves with hundreds of new books chosen by our students and staff. As a result, our library is now the envy of many schools across the city.

Several initiatives have helped create a great atmosphere in the library this year. These include;

  • Paired Reading Programmes
  • Timetabled Reading Classes
  • Borrowing Books for Leisure Reading
  • Exhibition Spaces
  • Before and After School Activities and Clubs
  • Numeracy Programmes
  • Celebration of Past Pupils e.g. Brendan Finucane, Thomas Kinsella
  • ‘Banned Books’ Display
  • Display of Students’ Work & Student Book Reviews
  • International Book Month: Free Book Initiative
  • OCS International Week Book Celebrations
  • Annual ‘One Book – One Community’ Celebration
  • Annual Spelling Bee Competition

Thanks to the efforts of the staff and students coupled with the initiatives put in place this year we can look forward to continued success and the furthering of our growing reading culture in the school.