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Learning Support

Learning Support

Who we are:

Liam Newell (Principal)

Lynn Kidney (Deputy Principal)

Linda Dyland (Teacher)
Learning Support/Resource
Special Needs Co-ordinator

Mary Molloy (Guidance Counsellor)

Tom Farrelly
Home School Liaison Teacher

Inclusive Education in O'Connell Secondary School


Supporting all learning needs

Special Educational Needs at O’Connell Secondary school

O’Connell Secondary School strives to provide an educational environment which is inclusive for all students and caters for all diverse learning needs without prejudice. Central to this is the creation of a sense of belonging for all students, while at the same time celebrating their individuality and difference.

We regard this as a process which is on- going and progressive. We aim to adopt a whole-school approach and show willingness to structure and restructure programmes, resources and our environment in order to insure inclusion and an effective learning environment so that each student can achieve their potential.

Yearly Provision of Special Educational Needs

Transfer from Primary School

Gathering information and relevant reports from primary schools in order to provide for the special educational needs of all students.

Applications for Resources and Special Needs Assistants (SNA)

Applications will be made for existing and new resource allocations and SNA support.


Carrying out standardised reading, spelling, maths and IQ tests for the purpose of identifying any areas of difficulty and programming interventions. Assessments also indicate the strengths and learning styles of all students, which are adopted by teachers when planning their subjects.

Individual Programmes

Planning and timetabling individual programmes in order to support students learning and social development.

Reasonable Accommodations

Making applications for Junior and Leaving Cert reasonable accommodations i.e. readers, scribes and special centres etc.

Passing on Information

Informing subject teachers of student needs while ensuring confidentiality.

Student Support Team

Supporting both academic and pastoral needs, while also communicating with outside agencies and services to maintain the well-being and happiness of all of our students.

Educational Psychological Assessment

Organising educational and other psychological assessments for students in need and for the application of resources for that student.

Other Assessments

Organising other types of assessment, for example Speech and Language etc

Liaison with Outside Agencies

Connecting with any outside agencies that a student may be attending and co-ordinating programmes to meet that student's particular needs.

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