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Looking for better points?

My name is Cian Gargan. I repeated in O’Connell’s in 2018. I didn’t work as hard as I should

have during my first Leaving Cert. I got offered a computer science course that I knew wasn’t

for me. I decided that repeating would be my best option. I found maths difficult and I didn’t

want to risk being in the 33% computer science dropout rate.

After repeating in O’Connell’s I went up 119 points and I got my first choice which was

Biological and Biomedical Science in Trinity. I am now halfway through my first year and

loving my course. I would recommend repeating to anyone who wasn’t satisfied with their

course offer. Repeating can be a tough year but if you put the work in, your results can be

dramatically better.

O’Connell’s has great facilities and very helpful teachers. Between the study periods and

evening study, I always had my homework finished by the end of the day and lots of studies

done. All the teachers are very committed and put in a lot of extra work for their students.

The days can be very long but it was definitely worth it in the end.

Cian 2019

Applications Of Interest Now Open Click Here!


Applications Of Interest Now OpenClick Here!


Applications Of Interest Now OpenClick Here!

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