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In O'Connell Secondary School we understand that it is a lot easier for students to continue their studying in school rather than when they get home. Home offers distractions and options that are not present in school. Our students can avail of homework club here. We provide a hot drink and a snack for the students after school. Then Homework Club begins which is supervised by a qualified teacher and an SNA. These two members of staff are on hand to help any student with questions they may have about their homework.

This is a great way for students to prepare themselves for school the following day. When we surveyed students about Homework Club, they mentioned the feeling of happiness when they come to school with all their work done. This service is such an easy one to provide and yet means so much to our students!


The Purpose of Homework

Homework is designed to meet the following purposes:

  • Reinforce and strengthen concepts taught in class
  • Complete unfinished call work
  • Review and practise previous learning
  • Develop independent study skills and work habits
  • Develop responsibility and good time management
  • Enhance academic achievement.

Look at the excitement and anticipation of the students about to recieve their Junior Cert results - knowing they had worked hard and done their best:

JC results.PNG

Apr 26
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May 21
6th Year Graduation
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