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Homework, Homework Club & Evening Study

The Purpose of Homework

Homework is designed to meet the following purposes:

  • Reinforce and strengthen concepts taught in class
  • Complete unfinished call work
  • Review and practise previous learning
  • Develop independent study skills and work habits
  • Develop responsibility and good time management
  • Enhance academic achievement.

Minimum Time Guidelines for Homework

The following table provides guidelines for the minimum amount of time that should be spent on homework/study per night.

THIRD YEAR 2½ HOURS (including weekends)
SIXTH YEAR & REPEATS 3½ HOURS (including weekends)


Studying is a deliberate form of learning in which a pupil attempts to obtain specific answers to specific questions. It involves reading with a purpose.


  • Establish a Definite Routine: If possible try to study at the same time in the same place every day. Keep temptation away. Get used to a quiet environment without the distraction of friends, music, mobile phones television etc. They won’t be with you in the exam hall.
  • Time Management: Study for the duration of 40/50 minutes before taking a break. Better to study regularly and in these time sessions than to cram at the end. Cramming coming up to exams causes extreme tiredness and is a major cause of “exam blank”. Follow up with 10 minutes of review at the end.
  • Study Questions: Write down 2/3 study questions on a blank sheet of paper before you read your books. These are the questions that you want answered in your subject over the next 40/50 minutes. In this way, a purpose and a framework for your study session is established and the material will be processed more deeply.
  • Summarise: When reading your books, summarise key points which are relevant to your study questions. Putting material into your own words increases your understanding of it to a greater extent. Don’t transcribe.
  • Reward: At the end of each study session, give yourself a little reward, e.g. a T.V. break for a few minutes. Gradually as the studying begins to be associated with the reward, the study session itself becomes more enjoyable.
  • Feedback: Frequent revision and regular feedback help to consolidate and develop your learning. Try to do some exam questions against the clock under exam-like conditions.

Homework Club & Evening Study

Homework Club has been running in O’Connell Secondary School since 2010. It was implemented to meet the growing emphasis placed on homework by subject teachers and parents. It is available in the school every Monday - Thursday from 3.25pm to 4.45pm. The school provides each student with a light snack at the beginning of the club each day at 3.25pm. It is staffed by qualified teachers and Special Needs Assistants. The purpose of homework club is to assist our students with their homework and exam preparation. We encourage each student to attend homework club as we feel that students benefit hugely from doing homework in the quiet setting of school. Evidence has shown that those who attend homework clubs do much better in their exams.

The class sizes in homework club are kept to a small number (generally no more than six students) to ensure that each student gets as much attention and assistance as possible. Demand for places in this club is massive so we encourage all students to sign up as soon as possible each September.

Evening Study

Evening study for exam classes and repeat Leaving Certificate pupils takes place from 3.35pm to 5.30pm every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. On a Wednesday it takes place from 1.50pm to 3.50pm. Evening study is compulsory for all repeat pupils and is strongly recommended for all exam year pupils.


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