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Student Council Charter

Role: O’Connell Secondary School actively encourages all our pupils to take part in the development of school policies, procedures and events. The Student Council will represent the student body at student council meetings, official school events, meetings with other stakeholders in O’Connell Secondary School and meetings with visitors from outside the school.

Structure of the Student Council: Each year, representatives are elected from each class to form a student council. Anyone can put themselves forward to be elected. Each class will elect a student council representative who will then meet as one full student council, once per month.

Nominations and Elections: Nominations for student council representative must be seconded by a fellow class student and endorsed by the class form-teacher. Elections will take place in May each year. First Year student elections will take place in September/October each year.

Term of Office: Junior Certificate class representatives will serve a one year term. Leaving Certificate class representatives will serve a two year term.

Student Council Officers: The elected officers of the student council will consist of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and a Secretary. The Chairperson manages the student council with the guidance of a designated teacher. There will also be an Assistant Secretary, a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer and a Public Relations Officer.

If you have any issue that you think the council should address, please feel free to get involved or indeed talk to your class representative.

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