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Games Room

Games Room

Our Games Room is a new addition to our school. It is a reward for good behavior and academic achievement. Access to the school's pool and snooker tables make students feel at home, lower anxiety levels, and promote social cohesion amongst students and staff. This area is a social space where students can engage and make connections with eachother, some who they would have never had a chance to chat/meet with before. Informal social interactions with peers and teachers improves intellectual progression, academic performance, and personal development.

The competitive nature of playing pool or snooker can increase comfort levels and spur meaningful interactions. While hanging out in game rooms students (and teachers) build deeper connections outside of the classroom. This strengthens mutual understanding, building a family of individuals who have a vested interest in your academic success.

The games room serves as an environment to empower students through networking which is often a key to making it through school. It’s not what you know but rather who you know!

May 21
6th Year Graduation
May 22
JCSP Celebration
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