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Paris 2018

Day 1
0300 hours (Hours travelling: 0)
We landed at a very deserted school The start of a very long adventure packed day. What a different place school is at that hour of the morning. We were off to a great start. Not one person was late. (Eric’s hair could have done with a brushing mind you). Off we headed to Terminal 1 excited about the three days ahead.
0830 hours (Hours travelling: 5.5)

We arrived in Paris, Beauvais all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Found our bus and boarded for a three day Parisian adventure. I think we would all agree the traffic in Paris is worse than Dublin because 3 hours later we got hour first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.
1130 hours (Hours travelling: 8.5)
Our Irish tour guide gave us a great historical tour of the city. We took in The Opera House, The Champs Elysee, The Arc de Triumph and Notre Dame. The lads were struggling a bit with the tiredness.

1330 hours (Hours travelling: 10.5)
Tour over, time for French McDonalds. We just about had time to figure out the complicated computerized system before we had to hop back on the bus to do the tour of the Seine by boat 1430 Our resident photographer Philip gave the Chinese tourists a run for their money in the photography department. At one point a lady nearly took him out with an umbrella.
1530 hours (Hours travelling: 12.5) Back on the bus. We head to the Sacre Coeur Church. Why walk up 300 hundred steps when you can run? Ever so slightly redder cheeked at the summit, we by now know our spots for the obligatory photo shoot. We lit a few candles for the poor souls left behind in OCS. Someone thought it was a good idea to let Eddie navigate our way to the next feeding post, Flunch!. It was apparently just behind the church, a five minute walk they said !!!
1630 hours (Hours travelling: 13.5). Starving and a collective 31 stone lighter we eventually made it to our culinary destination. Our first proper French cuisine. A lot of us decided to go the extra yard and wait the extra 20 minutes for a steak or as the French were calling it Piece de Boucher. Piece de Booter more like. Ms Timmons had to go all high pitched on the lady serving trying to get her to put 5 steaks on and not boorgers.
1730 hours (Hours travelling: 13.5)
Back on the bus, destination Explorers Hotel. Again we got to experience the lovely Parisian traffic. Never ones to hang about, the boys were straight into their obligatory speedo’s and into the pool. Swimming time was ended that night at 10 p.m. because a little girl was nearly drowned. Our very own Ms Timmons was on hand to help her back to life.
2300 hours (Hours travelling: 19)
Everybody retired to their Disney themed bed. Ms Timmons was awakened an hour and a half later by the cry of a banshee close by. In true Murder She Wrote style, she went on a fact finding mission to unearth the goulish cry. After 30 minutes of investigation she knocked upon the door 5042. The door slowly creaked open and inside the room revealed a pyjamas clad Nathan Grouse chasing Paul Lee around the room. Paul was in such a state of excitement he was mimicking the call of an exotic lyre bird imitating a banshee. For the duration of the tour he became known as Paul Lee the Banshee.
2359 hours (Hours travelling: 19.99)
Lights out ZZzzzzzzzzz
Day 2
0900 hours (Hours travelling: 29)
We got a bit of a lie in on day 2. We all headed for the French breakfast at 1000. Kavi had been looking forward to the croissants from the time the tour was announced.
1300 hours (Hours travelling: 33)
Back on the bus and straight to the Stade de France. We were a bit early so we went to Decathalon and grabbed lunch at Quik Burger. We noted at this point the French are not at all “quik” with their burgers.
Maths Problem
There are 8000 toilets in Stade de France. The stadium holds 80,000 people. If everybody went to the toilet for the 15 minute break, what is the average time each individual gets to use the Salle de Bain? (you can take the maths teacher away from the school etc………)
1500 hours (Hours travelling: 33)
As the weather was fabulous in France we decided to forgo the shopping mall and bowling and go back to the beautiful city center. The 5th years spent 30 minutes on their photo shoot #HorridTrendy5thYears, when they were done we all went and looked at the Eiffel tower while avoiding the “Lucky Lucky” men.
1700 hours (Hours travelling: 35)
Back on the bus, au revoir Paris. Another 3 hours on the bus. We averaged out at being asked “How long More?” at about 6 times per minute. Our response of 8 minutes was not met with any sense of relief. “eight minutes and the rest” exclaimed Philip at one point.
2200 hours (Hours travelling: 40)
Some boys stayed up and discussed the impact of the new junior cert on their futures. The teachers sat in the corridors incase they had questions.

Day 3

0700 hours (Hours travelling: 49)
After a feed of Croissants we headed to the park which was a glorious ten minutes away. A great day was had by all in both parks. The queues were very quick. Rumour has it Mr Patterson was a bit scared of Space Mountain but he braved it as it was May 4th and the 4th was with him.
1800 hours (Hours travelling: 60)
Arrived back at the airport after another 3 hours on a bus for the final leg of our brilliant journey.
The French liked the look of Kavi and Pritish so much they wanted to hold on to them. Ms Timmons convinced the powers that be that OCS just wouldn’t be the same without them. Finally the plane took off at 2230.
2300 hours (GMT)
Hours travelling: 65
Hours Sleeping: 8
Amount of Fun: INFINITE
Best student’s in the Northern Hemisphere: OCS boys

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